Setting up ProtonVPN on the free plan on your Mac

There are a lot of VPNs out there and there are a host of “great offers” tempting you to pay for this service or get that subscription. However when it comes to a VPN I beleive you need to know what it is you are getting for your money, or if you aren’t paying, for free.

I personally am a big fan of the TunnelBear. A great service from a company prepared to put its reputation on the line and to offer itself up for inspection. They do a really great free offering too – and if your needs are occasional or light the 1500MB per month you can use on their service free may be perfectly adequate for you. If it is then go get it. You won’t regret it.

What if you want to have more than 1500MB and you don’t want to, or can’t really afford a paid service? Let me introduce you to ProtonVPN. ProtonVPN comes to you courtesy of Proton Technologies AG who also provide the encrypted email service ProtonMail.
ProtonVPN has several levels available from the free level all the way up to the Visionary Account at $24 US pm via the Basic ($4 US pm) and Plus ($8 US pm). With each level adding more benefits and services.

Installing as setting up ProtonVPN isn’t perhaps the most straightforward of jobs, especially for the free account but it is worthwhile (even if you just want to try the service out) and I am going to walk you through the set up.

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Apple Denies Plans to Stop Selling Music

Did you hear the one about Apple stopping sales of iTunes downloads? The website Digital Music News ran a piece on Wednesday with two end of life timeliness for individual track and album sales. One possibility had that happening within two years, while another had the music sales stopping in the next three to four years, maybe longer.

“Balderdash!”, said the Apple spokesperson Tom Neumayr… well he might have if this were the 19 the century. “Not true,” is what Neumayr told Re/code. Quoting the piece:

Neumayr wouldn’t expand on that comment, except to make it clear that he was responding to both timelines proposed in today’s story from Digital Music News.

Apple Terminating Music Downloads ‘Within 2 Years’

followed by

Apple Offers Rare Response to iTunes Download Shutdown Report

The most interesting piece about all of this is record labels apparently contacting Apple saying they are unhappy. Unhappy about a rumour that;s highly unlikely seeing as the iTunes store is doing well along side the myriad of streaming music services out there.