Is the iPhone 11 Really Worth Buying?

An article by Ralf Llanasas

Apple’s new iPhone lineup has hit the market

Apple launched the new iPhone lineup on the 20th of September The iPhone 11;

  • iPhone 11 Pro and;
  • The iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 lineup changes the 2018 design and revises some features. They also come with some first-seen specs, such as the coveted A13 bionic chip and Apple’s latest operating system – iOS 13.

For Apple consumers across the globe, the new iPhone simply means their current device is due for an upgrade. This seems to be the case every year since the Apple brought the first iPhone to market. There has been a staunch following, a fan base of some sort, finding it necessary to upgrade their iPhone device whenever a new lineup is launched.

According to Statista, individuals who utilise iPhones are more likely to upgrade their mobile devices than any other mobile phone user.However, whilesome consumers are simply enamored by the prospects of owning the latest iPhone,many more are becoming wary of spending hundreds– even thousands –of dollars for what often turns outto be inconsequential upgrades to their former iPhone devices.

For those wary consumers, the following question needs an answer: Is the iPhone 11 really worth buying? We can’t make a decision for you, but here’s a close look at the facts.

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