595 Leather On Black Wrist Strap Reviewed

Just like the wrist strap, this will be a short review…

Some time ago, I decided I needed – well, wanted if truth be told – a new neck strap for my Fujifilm X-T1 to replace the third partly one that I had been using, and while I was perfectly happy with it, I felt something discrete was needed rather than the bright blue model I was using. So I searched online to see what was out there as a possible replacement, and found quite a few small companies that hand make leather straps for all models of cameras. Some, were, to say the least out of this world in quality and price (where a lottery win was needed to fund one strap!) but with further searching, I found the 595 Leather Co, a UK based company that make to order, all kinds of straps and belts at prices that won’t break the bank – I ordered a simple Black leather neck strap.

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