Hey Babe, Take A Walk On The Dark Side

A review of the Nokia 7.1 with Android One by @RobRait

I am an old git, in my mid-60s with aged eyes that are struggling to see the tiny screen on my iPhone 5C unless I dig out my reading glasses. I had half decided I wanted one of those new-fangled phones with a big screen but couldn’t justify spending much money on a new one as the old phone still worked.

My iPhone 5c just died. As the 5C has little value (Apple would give me a fiver for in in p/x against a 10R) its not worth repairing it. So, instead of maybe wanting a new phone, I now needed a new phone.  I spent a couple of hours (actually many, many, many hours) scouring ebay, Gumtree, FB Marketplace and local phone shops looking for a lightly pre-loved  iPhone 7+ (if you’re going big, you might as well go BIG).

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Google nexus 7 Android Tablet

Reviewed : Google Nexus 7 Android tablet

Admittedly, the Nexus 7 needs a 3G version for true data portability, an absence which might deter some. Likewise, it can’t match the media choices of Apple or Amazon and it won’t give the massive battery life of an e-ink reader either. Even so, the Nexus is good enough to make it a logical choice for anyone thinking about a smaller tablet for reading or watching video while out and about, and it’s a steal at the price.

Source (TheRegister)

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