Essential Apple Podcast 229: It’s a dead Mac! :(

Yes, so we didn’t record last week… sort of because it was hot and sticky (at least by UK standards), and we didn’t feel like any stories really caught our interest… and well, we just weren’t really feeling it I guess. Since then however quite a lot has happened (including Simon’s shiny new M1 just being dead on Thursday morning…). But you can’t keep a good podcast down for long – so here we are again – back in the saddle and ready to regale you with the stories of the last week or so… (Sorry if the sound is a bit different to usual, had to use a rather basic setup).


  • Glenn Fleishman’s book Take Control of Securing Your Mac can be found at along with many other titles by him, Joe Kissell, Jeff Carlson and others.
  • Steve at Geeks Corner has a podcast which is usually a 5-15 min show of his thoughts on tech. Also keep an eye on his site or follow him on Twitter @GeekCorner_uk to watch for regular giveaways.

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