How to Teach Your Kids to Code with Apple’s ‘Swift’ Language

A guest posting by The Coder School

Coding is increasingly becoming an essential skill, and one of the best ways to introduce kids to coding is by teaching them to code with Apple’s Swift. Swift is a programming language used in Apple products like iPhone, Mac, IPads, and Apple TVs. It is an excellent way for kids to learn to code as it allows them to learn and apply their knowledge in a fun and engaging way by creating apps and games.

The open nature of the Swift programming language gives developers the freedom to actualize their ideas. It is also similar to other programming languages, meaning kids who learn to code with Swift can apply it to other platforms. Besides instilling technical skills in kids, Swift is a valuable addition to childhood education as it can improve educational outcomes for kids. Here are some practical tips to help your kids learn to code with Apple’s Swift.

Teaching Kids How to Code

You can help your kids learn to code with Swift using the available coding resources by Apple. Apple has a Swift coding curriculum known as Everyone Can Code that facilitates coding as part of childhood education and enhances learning. Continue reading for the various ways you can use to get your child to learn Swift.

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What Mac Should Programmers Use?

A guest post by Eleven Fifty Academy

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A few decades back, Windows computers were popular among programmers. This has since changed as coding becomes more demanding and programmers shift from getting the job done to focus on performance, resilience, and efficiency. Today Macs have taken over the programming world. If you look around, you will notice that almost every programmer uses a Mac. But why is that?

Some of the reasons why programmers prefer Mac to PCs lies with the operating system, the community behind Mac OS, the Mac build-quality, cross-platform compatibility, and of course, personal preference.

Just like with the Windows computers, Mac developers have a lot for you on their menu.  Apple products  include; MacBook Air ($999 – $1,249), Mac Pro ($5,999 -$6,499), iMac ($1,099 – $2,299) , MacBook Pro ($1,299 – $2,399), and Mac Mini ($699 – $1,099). They also recently released the M1 MacBooks Air and Pro, and M1 Mac Mini. With this long list of Mac computers, you can’t help but wonder which one to go with, especially if you’re getting started in your coding journey.

To solve this mystery, we’ve highlighted the key features to look out for in a Mac. We’ve further given you a tip on which Mac product to go for and a few insights to actualize your passion for programming.

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Essential Apple Podcast 82: A Basket of Easter Treats

With Mark still on his vacation/birthday bender, Simon is joined by Slackroom member Suffolk Pete to talk over some of the week’s Apple and Tech stories. Whilst it has mostly been about Apple and the Field Trip Event and the new iPad with Pencil support there have been some other stories too!
Apple put out a host of updates. Cloudflare introduced a new free public DNS service, Microsoft want to monitor your language, the US want to check your social history and Uncle Tim would welcome privacy legislation.
Also Slack finally introduced sharable links so you don’t have to get a personalised invitation anymore. Now you can just click on this instead!

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