Setting up Firefox for Privacy

A guest posting by Andy J from his blog at

My browser of choice for privacy is Firefox. There are browsers that are privacy and security focused, but I decided to stick with Firefox with some privacy add-ons (extensions) and some tweaking to the settings. Out of the box Firefox respects your privacy and security, with a few tweaks and add-ons you can improve the security of your browsing. In this article I will show you how to make use of these to help protect yourself.

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Essential Apple Podcast 134: Of Clickbait, Brain Herpes and Starting a Podcast

First of all deepest apologies for the very late posting of this edition – I won’t bore you with the details but let’s just say a holiday weekend, some life events and some work things meant I just didn’t make the time to get it done as soon as I usually try to. Also there were a large amount of notes to compile regarding the “Starting Podcasting” section. Sorry, for the delay.
Anyway in this episode I am joined by Guy Serle of the MyMac Podcast and more to talk about the end of Aperture, the forthcoming removal of 32 bit support in macOS and what that means for old software, the AirPod that lived, some clickbait headlines, Adobe “price rises” (or not), Chrome’s dominance, a Firefox problem and finally a bit of “inside baseball” stuff about starting a podcast (on budget preferably).
Next show I will endeavour not to be so tardy posting I promise.


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