GDPR In Simple Words – Finally Understand What Is GDPR

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There are over four billion internet users in the world. This means that each day, billions of people log onto sites, download apps, or use other online resources that collect data about them simply by clicking their links. Cookies, IP addresses, locations, and much more can be collected without users even realizing they’ve provided this information.

When companies can store and utilize user data at their leisure, there is potential for misuse. To mitigate the risks associated with using the internet, the European Union has developed GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulations, to protect its citizens and keep companies honest about how they use consumer data.

The following is a thorough breakdown of GDPR, the history of data protection, who GDPR applies to, and how GDPR affects internet users and businesses. By better understanding GDPR, it will be easier to navigate registering domains, set up new websites, and adhere to all legal obligations that apply to business sites.

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Essential Apple Podcast 89: That’s Kiwi, not Kiwi…

This week GDPR happened… some US news sites decided they couldn’t be bothered figuring out what it meant and have basically just blocked off access from the EU (except that isn’t how GDPR works) while Microsoft and Apple have decided they will make GDPR compliance a global thing; because that is the right thing to do (and actually also it is the easiest solution).
News is surprisingly abundant as we run up to WWDC and there aren’t even any rumours/leaks of note regarding that!
To cast a jaundiced eye over it all I am joined by Alister Jenks, from quite literally the other side of the world to me – Wellington, New Zealand.
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