Helm Audio Tag a Hero Giveaway

HELM Audio is giving away 2 pairs of the HELM True Wireless 5 headphones each week until May 31st to heroes working on the frontlines to fight COVID19. We want you to tag your hero!

Everyone knows someone right now who is working hard to keep us safe in the middle of this pandemic. Maybe it’s a family member working in a hospital, or your neighbor is a paramedic, or a friend works at a food bank or is a member of the military, or your partner works in a local police or fire department. These heroes deserve some recognition for their courage doing what they do everyday.

Tag your hero with a short (one or two sentence) description of how your hero is working the frontlines for all of us, and tag them. We’ll randomly select two heroes each week up to May 31st for the free TW5’s. Winners will be announced on the Facebook page and we’ll notify them via DM.

Also Medical workers, first responders, or US military members stationed here in the US can already get a pair of TW5 headphones at a 50% discount with an ID.me account. Learn more about this program below the fold or at helmaudio.com.
If you’re putting your safety at risk to keep us safe, we truly appreciate your service. Thank you!

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