Apple's LaunchPad In Lion

How To Remove Applications From LaunchPad.

LaunchPad How To Remove Applications From LaunchPad.
Apple's Sneaking in iOS For The Desktop?

Launchpad may be Apple’s somewhat ham-fisted attempt at bringing a IOS look and feel to our beloved Apple desktops but unlike the implementation found on our own IOS devices there doesn’t seem to be a way to manage what’s shown on launchpad, until now!

As it stands launchpad will show every application in your applications folder as default.   The program selection  isn’t selective either, as it will show things like and installers and other updating software  programs.

Launchpad control is a system preference pane that takes all the hassle away from managing applications found on the launchpad menu system.

Managing the applications you wish to see on your launchpad is a simple case of taking and undertaking what you wish to see with the three fingered swipe

Best of all this application is free however the author would gladly accept any donations.

More information and download sources can be found at the developers website.