Essential Apple Podcast 169: LOCKDOWN!

You may notice some difference in the sound this episode – Simon’s Mac had a kernel panic right at the end of the show and wiped out his recordings… Luckily Nick records a backup but his set up is a simpler Piezo recording with no Audio Hijack wizardry. However without him there’d have been no show at all. So we aren’t complaining. Also we need to get Jim a mic that doesn’t “rustle”!

This week news of any great consequence (well non COVID-19 news anyway) was a bit thin, but as we’re all in lockdown guests weren’t! In a bit of a houseparty Simon is joined by Nick Riley, James “MacJim” Ormiston, special guest Ronnie Lutes and eventually Donny Yankellow… to make a fist of what they could dig up to chew over.

And the amazingly brilliant interlude is “stolen” from Daniel Matarazzo


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  • Steve over at Geeks Corner is having an Apple Watch Strap giveaway… Why not pop on over and enter and get the chance to win an AppleWatch strap of your choice?
  • I didn’t mention this on the show but Serif have made all their Affinity apps on Mac/PC and iOS available on a 3 MONTH free trial and reduced the priced by 50%… If you were even remotely interested now is the time to try and buy!

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