Essential Apple Podcast Bonus: Photo organisation app Mylio, with David Vaskevitch


Simon talks to David Vaskevitch (ex Microsolft CTO and CEO of photo app Mylio) – the audio has the whole of the recording, the video starts when David wants to share his screen (yeah I wasn’t totally on the ball with that but there you are). You can find the video on YouTube

A new study estimates that people will snap upwards of 1.4 trillion photos in 2021. And with record numbers of people embarking on summer travel right now, the need for a reliable photo organization tool is more important than ever.

Visionary software architect, former Microsoft chief technical officer, and current CEO of the photo app Mylio, David Vaskevitch, would love to talk with you about the best option for storing and organizing all of those photos, so that you have access to them all the time, on all your devices, in a private and safe way. David can address:

  • How to store your photos in low-cost a way where you keep ownership of them and in total privacy
  • How technology can help you to organize all your photos so you can retrieve them easily. Methods include tagging, organizing the photos by year taken, or placing them on a digital map of the globe so you can retrieve them by location.
  • How you can have all your photos (and David means ALL your photos – over your lifetime) available to you on all your devices, at any time, even without internet connection
  • Why you should strongly consider taking your photos off the cloud, and how to do so efficiently.

If accessibility, privacy and control over your photos and videos is important to you, Mylio is the perfect solution. Learn how Mylio makes it easy to organize, manage, and protect your visual life story the right way. You can try out Mylio for free, just download the app.

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