Some Thoughts on iPadOS

A personal view
by James “MacJim” Ormiston

Back then:

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs cast his spell over an enthralled audience when he announced the iPad on stage, a device that previously had been the work of science fiction in shows such as Star Trek, The Next Generation; where tablet devices abound. Granted, Apple wasn’t the first to attempt bringing tablet devices to market but they were the first to make a success of it killing off almost all of the competition over time. 

Back then, there was no iPadOS, just plain old iOS developed for the iPhone and its small screen. Back then; it was all we needed as the iPad was in its infancy; being a simple consumer device aimed more at dealing with email, web browsing and rudimentary photo editing. Remember, the internet was nothing like what we have now. The ‘future’ iPad in the form of the Pro versions was still far away in the future; the future we are now living in, and that is where today’s problems lie. 


With multitasking, more than one window open at any time, copy and paste, drag and drop and access to external storage that Apple is now trying to add to emulate the way a computer works, iOS is starting to show limitations due to its early beginnings. With each iteration of iOS more and more features and complexities are added in. Ever more powerful processors have helped, but it really hasn’t taken into count the way the interface would ultimately get ‘bogged down’ due to the awkward way these new features have to work in a restricted OS, which in the end slows the user down. 

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Thoughts and concerns about Apple: An opinion by James Ormiston (@MacJim)

I’d like to begin by saying the following are purely my personal thoughts (and worries) about Apple and where we are heading with them. I have no insider knowledge, or any other connections to Apple. Since Steve Jobs died, there’s been a lot of speculation and rumour, with many saying Apple is doomed and will not survive without him at the helm, but so far, these have proven untrue. That doesn’t mean there’s no reason for us fanboys/fangirls to be worried about the future of Apple.

For some time now, I’ve been saying that macOS and iOS will become one and will be the  only Apple provided OS for their computing devices. But, I hear you saying, Apple has categorically said they will not do this and have even made this clear with a big “NO.” being shown at the last keynote. However, I have to say look back at the things Apple have said they wouldn’t do, but did anyway. And now we see iOS apps will be coming to Mojave.

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