Essential Apple Podcast 85: Investing in the Alien Star World

The Kelly Guimont Show No. 2

It is REALLY late – we are sorry, but Mark is still suffering with his health and although I took over mid-week I had a lot of other things going on…
This week Apple officially killed the Airport products. Intel delayed their next chips (probably meaning a 32GB MacBook Pro isn’t on the cards yet)… Rumours abound about poor iPhone sales, the projected death of Touch 3D, AR/VR headsets and more.
Whether or not we will get to talk about any of that is anyone’s guess as we are joined for a second time by the delightfully piquant Kelly Guimont.
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You Can Now pre-order ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ right now from iTunes

With cinema goers around the world watching The Force Awakens, Disney haven’t wasted any time in  making it available to Pre order on iTunes.  Star Wars Force Awakens is a very reasonable £13.99 for the HD version and the SD version will set you back £9.99.

Having gone to the Cinema to see the latest instalment of the Star Wars saga I’ve already placed my Pre Order. There’s no release date but it’ll be a nice surprise when it is available. Whilst you’re waiting you could always listen to the new Star Wars Radio Station on Apple Music