Take Control Special Offer for Essential Apple listeners

Joe Kissell has offered all the Essential Apple Listeners a special deal (which is valid till the 30th November) on his range of Take Control publications.

Joe writes:

I’ve created a coupon code (ESSENTIALAPPLE) that’s good for 30% off any purchase from us, and valid through November 30. Listeners can enter that code manually at checkout, or they can use this link, which has the coupon code built in: TAKE CONTROL OFFER

Thank you Joe, and I hope that if any of you fancy one of Joe’s fine books you make use of his generosity.

Essential Apple Podcast 103: Take Control with Joe Kissell

This week I am joined by regular co-host Nick Riley, and guest Joe Kissell (of Take Control books). As ever we try to avoid all the pre 12th September event rumours and speculation and focus on things that happened this week. Including an Apple autonomous test car getting rear ended, Apple buying an AR glasses/lenses company, and women demanding that fitness apps and products have a “pregnancy mode”…
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