A personal take on Apple’s September event

By Slacker @MacJim (James Ormiston)

The following is a personal take on what was announced during the Apple iPhone keynote, one that is not a full microscopic rundown of all that was covered as there was simply too much to do full justice to…

I watched the latest keynote from Apple where they were constantly ’thrilled’, ’excited’, or both at every item announced. We soon discovered what the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max will be like: not that we didn’t know already. Due to leaked images on the internet, I was left feeling a little underwhelmed by it all!

Read on to see what I made of the event’s major announcements.

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Essential Apple Podcast 130: So that Showtime event… Hot or Not?

This week, in the wake of the Apple “It’s Showtime” keynote, and with the luxury of a few days to mull it all over, I am joined by very special guest Carolina Milanesi of Creative Strategies and Tech.pinions to examine what was hot and what was not… and consider why so much of it felt like it wasn’t fully baked yet. Plus, as always, a few other stories from the tech sphere.

A special thank you shout out to Allister Jenks (@zkarj) for his special donation to support the show… Very much appreciated.


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