Too Many Rumours, Hardly Any Substance.


In slow news weeks for Apple theres the trend that “writers” will start publishing stories from anonymous sources, which has time goes on get debunked more often. Take a look at the “No new hardware for WWDC” article as a prime example. Those sites which proclaimed it’ll be all about the software now shout it’ll be all about the hardware, or a mix, or new headphones. In other words clutching at straws.
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Sigh Dell Commissioned White Paper Argues Dell Cheaper To Manage Than Apple with Bias

Dell WhitePaper V Apple

A cracking read here from Julian Lepinski who takes a look at a Dell commissioned whitepaper on the cost of putting iPads in the enterprise environment over that of Dell. Is anyone surprised the report favored Dell with some biased and forgetful musings.  This ranks up there with Samsung employing staff members to leave negative comments about Apple on forums. :

Could iWatch actually be the iTV, Apple TV?

Apple iWatch and Apple iTVUntitled

Could iWatch actually be the iTV, Apple TV?  It’s plausible if a little far fetched but could iWatch be the code name for the Apple TV.  What if it was a way to throw people off the scent?  Granted we’ve already seen patents pertaining to a watch like device banded about but it would be interesting if this was the case

Is Apple going back to its Roots?

Apple Going Back To Roots

It seems a long time since Apple truly focused its efforts on desktop computing. The vast majority of headlines about the company seem to focus on its range of smartphones and other mobile devices, rather than its desktop computers which often play second fiddle to the latest iPads and iPhones.
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Microsoft Surface Pro VS MacBook Air

This is what it all seems to be coming down to Microsoft Surface PRO vs MacBook Air.  Both have completely different pitches and yet both are aiming for the same market space and now it seems, after Microsoft’s press announcement about how much the surface pro is going to cost, the same price point. Is anyone out there thinking that Microsoft have set the price intentionally high so that the third-party manufacturers can come in way below their price point?

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Gadget Show vs Gadget Man, bias vs brains?

Whats working for you out there? I fell out of love with the gadget show 2 seasons ago aka the last of the Suzi Perry years due to its inconsistency in products and especially fruity Cupertino based reviews. When will they realise its not iPhone vs android but iOS. Lets not even get started on products designed for the iPad but then get dumped into the generic “tablet products” categories.

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Some Reality Behind Samsung Sales Numbers

Ahh the Apple vs Samsung wars, how they rage on in both the courtroom and internet forums of the world. Quite rightly Samsung should be proud of the sales numbers out there but are they all really they make them to be? This Samsung dominance isn’t just down to “better” handsets but to the overall reaching strategy of flooding the shops at any opportunity and then theres the marketing.
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Forstall and Browett ousted in massive Apple Executive reshuffle — what will this mean for the industry?

Scott Forstall, Apple’s SVP of iOS Software, and John Browett, SVP of Apple Retail, have been unceremoniously dumped in a major board-level reshuffle in the world’s largest company. Forstall’s ability to rub execs up the wrong way has been well-documented, and Browett’s astonishingly rapid destruction of previous SVP Ron Johnson’s unique retail empire has been a matter of outrage among Apple’s retail employees.

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Apple maps, is it REALLY that bad?

Recently I’ve been to quite a few places including London, Bristol,Swansea, Munich and so far maps really hasn’t missed a beat for me. That’s not to say it’s perfect but I’ve used a lot worse. WAZE when it first came about was a mapping app with NO maps. I know because I drove around my area contributing. So is maps really that bad?

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Apple’s iOS 6 vs. Android Jelly Bean

In the world of mobile operating systems, two platforms stand head and shoulders above the rest: Android and iOS. Traditionally, Apple’s iOS has always had a distinct advantage over Google’s Android. Compared to early versions of Android, iOS was more intuitive, smoother, less buggy, and just an all-round better piece of software; however, with every new version, Google has been able to close the gap. When 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released, Android showed the world an operating system that was every bit as good as iOS 5, now with version 4.1 Jelly Bean upon us, the Google-owned OS has taken things to the next level, surpassing what was offered on the iPhone 4S. Never one to be outdone though, Apple has unveiled the iPhone 5 with iOS 6 with a various improvements and upgrades from their earlier operating system. Both OS’s are undoubtedly great, but which one is the best?

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Scratchgate : Why Is Everyone Trying to Destroy an iPhone 5 These Days?

iphone 5 scratch test

Scratch tests, drop tests, hammer tests, running the iPhone 5 over with a car,  it just amazes me the lengths that the internets will go to just to see how “easy” it is to scratch or damage the new iPhone.  I’m all for comparative tests but why do we never see a batch of real-world tests? Why isn’t anyone recording an afternoon of pulling their new iPhone in and out of their pockets with some keys in there?  Or recording that accidental moment when you put your iPhone into a pocket full of loose change.  How about a test of getting into your car and the phone is in your ass cheek pocket?

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