Ferrite Recording Studio Updates – Extract audio from Video and more bitrate exporting options.

Ferrite is perhaps the best way to record, edit and publish a podcast right from your iOS device and I make no secret of my liking for Ferrite. I’ve used it more than once to edit the Essential Apple podcast and recently did a whole show on the topic of producing a podcast just using an iPad (Ep 17: Nothing more than an iPhone). A new update is out with new features exclusively for paying customers and general free updates.

Ferrite Recording Studio 1.4 updates

  • New: When sharing projects, you can set bitrate (m4a files) and mono/stereo (all file types).
  • New: Extract audio from movie files.
  • New: Import audio from “Opus” files.
  • New: Mid-Side Decoding (with variable spread control), offering compatibility with high—end field recorders.

New and updated for all users:

  • New: When importing from your Audio Library into a project, you can also access your iOS Music Library and other file services.
  • New: When importing compatible files containing chapter markers, they are converted to bookmarks. – Performance, compatibility and reliability improvements

Ferrite Recording Studio is a free download from the App store with in app purchased to unlock extra features.

  1. FX & Automation £14.99
  2. Add More Tracks & Duration £7.99
  3. FX and Automation (Upgrade) £7.99

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Dragon Anywhere for iOS Review

Dragon Anywhere for iOS has been a long time coming but details have been scare till now with Dragon Anywhere getting it’s release on a monthly payment system.

I’ve been a huge fan of Dragon Dicate products for years now. Once you get used to talking to computer and mastering Dictation commands it really is so much quicker and easier than typing.

Dragon Anywhere is the portable sibling of its desktop counterpart. Scheduled to be released I managed to get on the beta testing program and so far, it’s looking very solid experience.

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