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We’re always on the look out for news, tips, apps for review or any content you might think works with the site.  Even if you want to say hello or leave a comment about the podcast it would be great to hear from you.

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Advertising On EssentialMac

There are several advertising spaces available.  At the present time we have the following areas;

  • Header Bar.  All pages
  • Side Bar. Front Page, above the fold
  • Side Bar. All Pages above or below the fold
  • Footer areas

Unlike other sites out there we don’t have set rates. If you are interested in sponsoring the site and or podcast get in touch! We don’t have set rates instead prefer to tailor a package to what you need.

Getting A Review On EssentialMac

Fill in the contact form above and we’ll be in touch within a few hours.  For iOS / Mac apps we do ask for the FULL unrestricted version of the software to give a full shakedown.  There’s nothing worse than a review which doesn’t cover at least some aspects in app purchases.

Hardware wise, get in touch and we’ll send the postal address.  Often it’s handy to have some advertising banners ready to go before the review to publish your product.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t impartial and we are honest about any issues we have but you wouldn’t send out a shoddy product so that doesn’t matter right 😉

Press Release Types

If you have a press release please send it along and we will consider publishing. Handy hint if you only have one press release statement and send it to multiple sites, youll end up with the same text over and over. Why not have a couple of rewrites so your google juice gets up there.

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