There are many Apple blogs out there which churn out the “same old, same old” often just re writing press releases with their own spin on it.  Making a PR release entertaining is a skill and a half and not to be knocked but at times sites just feel like they are reviewing for the sake of it.  For the sake of page impressions, hits and ultimately revenue.

Here at Essential Apple we try to take a different spin on things.  If we are reviewing something we look at those claims and actually try them out in the real world so see how things measure up.  Granted you might see photo’s of items on a desk but that’s only due to trying to convey in the best possible light what it is we are describing.

To give some background the point of the iPod passed me by.  Yup as mad it may seem I really didn’t “get it” until a few years later.  My affair with Apple and the entire ecosystem that is Apple started at the same time that Vista came along and made my life a living hell.

After a monetary windfall and as a joke to my work colleagues I purchased an Intel white plastic macbook.  Sure the spec was modest compared to those water-cooled pcs I worked with at the time yet strangely enough it was a captivating experience.

At first going from windows XP to Leopard felt like a backward step at the time,  I was left wondering where was all the gloss and bouncy colors that Windows XP had?  What about features like Aero and those revolutionary cough c0ugh features from Vista.  In all my first impressions left me feeling that Leopards and Mac’s were antiquated and simple… and then I got to using, tinkering, seeing what could be done, discovering software, now apps which ended up making my workflows easier.

Simplicity was the saving feature of the Mac and how I ended up boring my colleagues to death with that all to familiar phrase  “it just works”  Programs feel more focused, not as cluttered as window counterparts, designed to do what they should and always seemingly removing unnecessary amount of clicks to get the job done.  As always, that’s subjective to the user.

So this blog is about my experiences with Apple Hardware, Apps, (or in the old day… software), anything iOS, iPad and iPhone bits and bobs, a smattering of general apple stuff along with the odd bit of randomness that hopefully you’ll find interesting..

There are many Apple blogs out there but hopefully you’ll follow if only for the more personal nature of the blogs and please… feel free to comment.

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We don’t have a rate card or have in mind a set figure for x amount of impressions over y time, we care more about the advert, basically it’s our way of saying we are more than open to offers.

Adverts On Essential Apple

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We do not endorse any company unless specifically stated in a link or article. Anything we get is pumped directly back into this site so we can get those latest gadgets and gizmo’s and give you straight up impartial reviews to see if it’s worth parting with your money.  Most of the time any hardware or software mentioned on this site is paid for out of our own pockets.

If you see something that you would like us to review then please let us know we are always on the look out for new items, software or general geek type things full reviewing.

Finally it goes without saying that we will never ever pass your details on to any third parties but we do use cookies like all websites do.

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We’ve reviewed hardware from Macally, Tascam, Elgato, Equnix, Samson, iPevo, NoReve, Nuance (Dragon Dictate) plus more, all names recognisable in the Mac world and that’s not even counting the software vendor’s covered.


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