A new dawn and a new day.  The old hackintosh project is dead due to a failure in the watercooling pump, that fried a graphics card, that almost killed the cpu leaving me dead in the water.

A complete pain in the backside to say the least but it did provide a welcome opportunity to start a new Hackintosh Build

I’ve opted for

CPU : I3-560, 3.33GHZ 4mb Cpu : £115 approx
I know there are better on the market but, to be honest, I really couldn’t stomach any more geek shopping to get the right stuff for this rig.  I just needed to be up and running

Motherboard :  P7H55-MV : £35 approx
If anything is going to fail on this project then the odds are it will be this motherboard.  It’s an old one now by todays standards rocking an old chipset.

Where we at right now?
Failure would not be too strong a word.  It seem’s there is precious little in the way of BIOS information for this board.  3 hours in and I don’t think I’m even a third of the way through trying all the different combinations of CPU combination.

If you know differently PLEASE YELL US!  It’s rigs like this which enable proper testing and evaluation of apps for this site 😀


Update – 27th June
Well it seems that it’s quite a popular page this one however I’ve still yet to get to anything near a working hackintosh system.  All things seem to point to using Sandybridge for the graphics.  Problem is I don’t have a spare GFX card to test with.  Will keep on testing and posting here I suppose.

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