How to get what you lust after

The RHA T20i in-ear monitors with microphone: for Apple.

A review by James T Ormiston (MacJim)

rh01 239x300 How to get what you lust after

Some weeks ago I managed to launder my Shure SE315 earphones by leaving them in my jacket. While it wasn’t the best idea at the time, it gave me a reason to finally purchase a new pair of earphones I’d been lusting over, ever since I’d bought my Bluetooth RHA MA390 earphones.

It was the sound quality of the MA390’s that had made me want to buy the T20i wired earphones, but because I had a perfectly good pair of earphones in the form of the Shure SE315’s, I knew I couldn’t justify spending the money until that moment. You can imagine my horror when I realised what I’d just done after pressing the power button to begin the wash cycle – but there was nothing I could do but wait until it had finished. Fifteen minutes later, the beep, beep, beep rang out, and that was my cue to open the door, recover the earphones and leave them aside to dry out in the hope that they would still be working after their ordeal.

Well, a day or so later, I plugged them into my iPhone and pressed play to see if it was my lucky day… it was not. The left earphone was completely dead in the water, or so it seemed: but hold on to that thought.

So with the diagnosis “confirmed”, I went back to the RHA website to see if those beautiful T20i earphones were still available, and yes, they were and as luck had it they were being discounted due to the COVID-19 pandemic to help boost sales.
With a new account made, I managed to get a discount code which, when added to the already decent discount brought the price down from the £149.95 they should have been, to a really sweet £79.96.

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