Another Apple TV announcement thats sure to fan the flames of either a new Apple TV or major news for the once hobbiest platform today as ‘NatGeo’ get it’s own Apple TV Channel.

Nat Geo TV combines content from the National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo Wild channel. Content includes next day showing of new content, documentaries, science stories and everything you would expect from the National Geographic offerings.

Free content is limited to small clips but if you want the good stuff like full shows it’s going to mean entering your active cable subscription details. You know what that means, no love once again for us in the uk.

It’s worth pointing out in the interest of fairness that Roku, Fire TV and Chromecast also require an active cable subscription

In the last few months Apple’s small set top box has been gaining more channels at quite a hefty rate with the biggest coup being HBO Now as an exclusive, if only for a small time.

If youre wondering what you can watch on your Apple TV and whats required to view each channel head on over to:

For us in the UK offerings are slim on the Apple TV but thats no surprise given that Rupurt Murdochs Sky platform has international rights for popular US shows signed up, offering then under the NowTV app.

WWDC 2015 might offer some hope of international streaming but a WWDC centered around streaming services doesnt seem to be something you’d push at a developers conference.


  1. Hi Oliver. What device are you viewing on? I’m looking at improving the websites mobile view very shortly so if you could let me know it would be a great help 🙂

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