MIght have been a touch obvious to most but it seems that Games are dominating the most popular downloads for the new apple TV. Also podcasting may just be coming to Apple TV as well. There’s no RSS feed yet to pull the top free or paid for apps for tvOS yet but one website has compiled a list.

It’s easy enough to pull data from iTunes to show what the best selling, highest grossing, top paid apps are for iOS, TV etc but nothing for TV OS. Pulling out the Top Grossing iOS apps slidetoplay found the following Apple TV only apps rocking the App store charts. As of 1st december the top Apple TV apps are.

1 – Beat Sports (Apple TV Only), Price: US $9.99
2 – SimpleX – for Plex (Apple TV Only) Price: US $2.99
3 – Galaxy on Fire™ – Manticore RISING (Apple TV Only) Price: US $5.99

5 – Does not Commute TV (Apple TV Only) : US $2.99 :: MFi Game Controller Support

9 – CARROT Weather: Talking Forecast Robot (Apple TV Only) Grailr LLC Price: US $3.99
10 – Air Video TV (Apple TV Only), Bit Cave Ltd. Price: US $3.99

16 – TWiT on TV (Apple TV Only), : US $0.99
17 – Sago Mini Fairy Tales TV (Apple TV Only) : US $0.99

19 – Flick Quarterback 16 (Apple TV Only) Price: US $2.99

22 – League Star Bowling (Apple TV Only) Price: US $1.99
23 – Xenowerk TV (Apple TV Only) Price: US $2.99 (+ IAP) :: MFi Game Controller Support
24 – Montessori Spelling – From sounding-out to writing (Apple TV Only) Price: US $0.99
Right now there’s no direct feed to pull tvOS onto the site manually but at the time of publishing theres a healthy offering

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