Typical isn’t it? You spend all of that time and energy getting your raspberry Pi setup so you can watch your video library on your TV and the next day Simple, a plex TV app for the Apple TV makes itself known to the Internet.

There isn’t much known about this new client at the moment but it does promised to deliver all of the performance you would expect from a native app experience and the fresh clean UI of both the Apple TV and the Plex TV.

Right now the website simplex.video is a little sparse on information right now but you can follow them via Twitter or via the Plex forums.

Personally I had been banking on this as I only bought the 32 GB version of the new Apple TV. Why? Well what with application thinning and downloads hopefully being targeted for the device they are intended for everything should be smaller.

Now all I need to do is get a semi-decent but not bank breaking network attached storage unit that uses a small amount of power (possibly a Mac Mini) and I’m set.

And just in case you haven’t heard of it you might want to go in checkout sonarr.tv

Updated 2nd November.

Plex TV now has an official app ready for tvOS available to download now from the Apple TV app store. More coverage and a head to head between Simple X and Plex coming very soon.

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