Well it’s 8.01am GMT and that means it’s the mad dash to order your Apple watch. However thats only if you tried to access Apple Store via the conventional web browser method you would be out of luck to all 8:13 AM. If like me you somehow forgot to use the Apple application on your iOS device you soon found out that you weren’t going to be getting the Apple watch for another 4 to 6 weeks.

As part of the course of any Apple product release that highly anticipated I was there at the start of the predicted launch time, pressing reload like some sort of rabid animal in a vain attempt to purchase a product within a reasonable time line before the inevitable shipment delays.

The only reason I’m mad at the Apple website not updating until 8:30 AM is purely because I forgot to check the Apple Store app on my iOS device.From all of the feedback on hearing on the Internet, using the dedicated Apple Store app would have almost certainly resulted in a quicker delivery timeframe.

Like many other British citizens at 8:01 AM there I was, sat poised at my keyboard pressing refresh like some sort of rabid animal with various fingers and other extremities crossed, hoping to get to the Apple Store and make my purchase.


It wasn’t until 8:13 AM that’s the website suddenly kicked into life and I could turn my favourite products

Instead like many others I was there sat poised at my keyboard, pressing refresh like some sort of rabid animal in vain attempts to get to the Apple website before anyone else and hopefully place an order for my Apple watch.
I was in luck, both on the Apple watchers were in stark and stating a delivery time between 4 to 6 weeks but then I made a fatal mistake. One of my Apple watchers was a present for a friend of mine and is between the time it took for me to click edit, enter new delivery details and then save, one of the Apple watchers dropped from sport to 6 weeks delivery time till June.
For a brand-new Apple product waiting for up to 6 weeks for delivery isn’t too bad. It’s not perfect given that the average Apple product life-cycle is only 12 months

You realise that you aren’t going to get your new products for two months which means that you only have 10 months until the new shiny is released it should make you stop and think. Well, that’s unless you have money to burn.

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