The list of banks compatible with Apple Pay is growing on a monthly basis. Now Tesco Bank and TSB owners can enjoy full contactless payment methods with Apple Pay on their devices.

Just in case you arent sure how to add your card to your Watch or iPhone.

  • Open Wallet app and click on the ‘Add Debit/Credit Card’ option.
  • add cards in Apple Pay,
  • Scan your card, good lighting helps for this or
  • Enter your detais manually.
  • confirm the details, name are correct
  • on the next screen enter the CVV code (last 3 digits on the back
  • After its contacted the bank issuer, theres terms and conditons to read and accept.
  • TSB customers will need to call their banks to get a confirmation code.  This can take a few moments to a few days
  • You can add to Apple watch.

Those steps make it seem a lot harder and longer to do than the actual process takes.

How to select what card to use with Apple Pay.

You may already have a card setup with Apple pay so how do you choose what card you wish to use at the time of payment. Easy, just double tap the home button and on the launcher screen you will see the cards that you have.

 UK Apple Pay adds Tesco Bank and TSB
Tap on the one you wish to use and you’re done.

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