Man I was excited when I first read that BarlcayCard supports Apple then suddenly realising it was an American based thread I’d stumbled upon. However it did turn up some interesting Apple Pay information. is a site developed by Cole Gentry that does the simple job of letting those lucky USA people know where they can use Apple Pay.

In the UK we’ve been lucky enough to have chip and pin and more recently wireless / NFC payments. In the land of the USA it’s a question of handing over your card and still signing receipts.  So it’s no wonder that most major banks have jumped on with Apple as they appear to have done most of the tech, research and development work.  So unlike Android who followed the existing systems, Apple went ahead and improved it.

So whilst we wait patiently here in the UK just think it could be worse.  Check out Dear CVS, thank you for giving me a 3 foot long receipt when I bought some TicTacs. It was the inspiration for my Halloween costume.

As always it could be worse, CurrentC could be on the way to the UK.  Don;t think it’s that bad?  Check out the steps needed to pay.

  • You need to select a “Pay with CurrentC” option on the register
  • activate your phone
  • open the CurrentC app
  • enter a four-digit passcode (touchID not supported)
  • press the “Pay” button
  • “either scan the Secure Paycode that the cashier presents (default) or press the Show button at the bottom of your screen to allow the cashier to scan your Secure Paycode,”
  • select the account you want to pay with,
  • and then press a “Pay Now” button.

John Moltz quips:

Not only will I never use this system, I will strangle the first person I’m behind in a checkout line who tries to use it.

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