How I record and edit the Essential Apple Podcast

Audio Hijack Pro Podcast Editing

Several listeners have asked me about how we record and edit The Essential Apple Podcast. I decided to give a bit of an overview of how I go about the process. Part of this article is based on a piece I posted on Medium in reply to another article on how to record a podcast.

There are dozens of different recording and editing applications available from the very basic to the extremely complex, (like Adobe Audition or AVID Pro Tools, for example) and there is no “right way” to do any of this. As is so often the case, you can choose from many paths and all of them have their own challenges – but in the the end they all take you to the same destination.

I use a Macintosh and all of my links are for the Mac or iOS platform. Some of the programs are cross platform, others are not. However I am sure a similar quantity of applications is available for both Windows, Linux or Android users.

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Essential Apple Podcast Special: The Kelly Guimont Show

Kelly Show Essential Apple Podcast Special: The Kelly Guimont Show

On the week where Uncle Tim had an iPhone 8 in his pocket, Accu Weather got caught out, Elon Musk warned us about “autonomous weapons” and a leak that surprised no-one revealed the CIA spy on everyone, including their security “partners”; we are joined by Kelly Guimont of The Mac Observer and App Camp 4 Girls fame, and, well, let’s just say the show notes went out the window and this is what happened instead!

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Essential Apple Podcast 53: Of Rain, Pain, Welsh Valleys and Old WiFi Routers

OMG! Both hosts, together, at the same time for this episode of the Essential Apple Podcast! Some mistake surely? But of course that much luck can’t last, and Mark has to bale out halfway through… Never mind, luckily we have as a guest Suffolk Pete, from the Suffolk Mac User Group, to help us trample all over the tech news stories that caught our attention during the week.
Recorded 20th August 2017
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Essential Apple Podcast 52: Blood, Sweat, Tears, VPNs and Subscriptions

Recorded 13th August 2017

After my Sunday out with friends last week it’s Mark’s turn to be otherwise engaged with his social life. That means it’s down to me to keep the show on the road. So that you don’t all have to just listen to me I’m joined by Scott Willsey previously of the Pocket Sized Podcast and now co-host on Don’t Nihongo It Alone to discuss this week’s Apple and Tech related news.

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Essential Apple Podcast 50: Suicidal Robots?

Recorded 22nd July 2017

No guests this week, and not a lot of Apple news, but we still manage to find a slew of weird, wonderful, interesting or crazy stories to shake a stick at… ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Plus Simon “goes off on one” about how hard it was to just play some music files on his iPhone like we all used to do on our iPods… and why he banished the iOS Music app to the darkest recesses of the “Rarely Used” folder on the furthest screen of his iPhone.

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Essential Apple Podcast 49: Snaggy, Nitrozac and the Joy of Tech!

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! After a fair amount of sweat, swearing and effort though he thinks it may all have been for the best in the end. This week are joined by “internet royalty” Snaggy and Nitrozac of the revered Joy of Tech web comic and, well, hilarity ensued! Slippers, iPhone Propeller Beanies, virtual carpets and more…

Recorded 16th July 2017

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Essential Apple Podcast 48: Hey Garlic Head, it’s Keith R (Longshot) Baker!!!

Recorded 10th July 2017

Simon installed the High Sierra Beta and it bit him back! He wanted to tell us all about it but we were having such a blast talking to Keith R Baker author of the Longshot series of historical fiction novels set in the American Civil War and his Technical Advisor/Cover Artist Monica Haynes about – well, everything, that we never even got around to that! Have a listen and welcome to the madness!

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The GLIF – First Impressions

A review by MacJim

A good few years ago, I backed my first Kickstarter project. It was the first version of the Glif for the iPhone 4 and was a neat wee device but, I have to admit, very rarely used… if ever.

The problem with version one was simple down to the way the iPhone 4 was held in place. It relied on a tight fit, the Glif held the iPhone in place by one side and a small area of the top edge, to keep the iPhone from falling out. Although I’ve never heard of any iPhones being damaged while they were used with version one, I never really plucked up the courage to try it out: it also didn’t work with a case. Continue reading

Essential Apple Podcast 44: Not Much WWDC – Honest!

Recorded 4th June 2017

Recorded on a week when there had been two recent terror attacks on Britain… Our thoughts were with those affected. Yes, yes yes, we were late publishing this…(even more so than usual) so it was all over and done by the time this got posted – even if we did record it the day before. Anyway we tried to stay away from the WWDC and certainly all the rumours for the most part… so it won’t all be out of date!

This and other episodes are available at

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Listen to the show:

On this week’s show:

  • Since we last did a podcast there have been two atrocious terrorist attacks in Britain, and several others around the World… Our thoughts are with you.
  • More on dropping Googlemail and some of the tribulations that gave Simon
  • WWDC is nearly here… so we are just waiting to see what happens (we don’t do rumours)
  • Apple accused of secretly storing deleted user notes after 30-day grace period – Softpedia
  • EU security body calls for a security trust mark for IoT devices – Bitdefender
  • This sounds positively ghastly:- Skype to get a “revamp” to compete with Snapchat and iMessage – Cult of Mac
  • Your next heat source could come from a server, if Nerdalize has its way – Digital Trends
  • Poll: Would trackpad & mouse support be a good halfway house on an iPad? | 9 to 5 Mac
  • ** Plenty of opinion on this..
  • From MacJim
    I’m of the opinion that the iPad with iOS was a wrong one. Putting a mobile phone OS onto a larger device was a mistake and Microsoft got it right with the surface pro devices. So, the iPad should have had the ability to be used with finger, pen/pencil and mouse. I find the iPad Smart Keyboard a useful device as it’s better to type on when at a table rather than on the screen – yes, the onscreen keyboard is good but it’s compromised too – but the biggest thing I miss with the Smart Keyboard is the trackpad. The feature of using multitouch to move the cursor on the iOS keyboard is buggy most of the time but you can’t use it when you are using the Smart Keyboard. It’s telling that after Steve Jobs died, Apple brought out the Pencil. Either SJ knew before his death that it was coming out and okayed it or people kept it secret (or the new heads realised not having a pen/pencil was a mistake) for SJ. A meringue as we say in Glasgow (translation: ah ma rang (am I wrong). Either way, Apple admitted they were wrong not to have a pencil and hopefully they’ll admit not having a mouse capability was wrong too.

Nemo’s Hardware Store (37:15)

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