Recorded 18th June 2017

Coming up this week we discuss a few of the left overs from the week that was WWDC. Just how popular is that new iPad? (Mark had a fondle). Project Titan confirmed and a whole lot more other stuff.

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On this week’s show:

  • iMazing Mini is a free “Time Machine” for your iPhone. It is a beta but it is free and uses no cloud services and has no advertising – via MacObserver
  • Uncle Tim confirms Project Titan – Patently Apple
  • Its all about “Three Vectors” coming together… Ride Hailing, Electric Cars and Autonomous Vehicles.
  • Full Interview – Bloomberg
  • A Microsoft exec said that the iPad Pro is a ‘clear example’ of Apple following Microsoft – Business Insider UK
  • Apple Launches First Event to promote Apple Pay: 3 days of discounts and offers for every purchase – iDevice Care Gh
  • Apple P2P Payments Aren’t a Threat to PayPal or Square – The Motley Fool
  • PayPal chief dismisses Apple Pay challenge – The Telegraph
  • Microsoft’s new Modern Keyboard is the Touch ID-enabled keyboard we wish Apple had made – iDB

Nemo’s Hardware Store (45:00)


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