OMG! Both hosts, together, at the same time for this episode of the Essential Apple Podcast! Some mistake surely? But of course that much luck can’t last, and Mark has to bale out halfway through… Never mind, luckily we have as a guest Suffolk Pete, from the Suffolk Mac User Group, to help us trample all over the tech news stories that caught our attention during the week.
Recorded 20th August 2017

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On this week’s show:

  • MacJim: If you use Flickr, please check your settings as there’s a change to the service users agreement. You’re now opted in the new owners sharing of your details to all their group of companies… but there’s a way to opt out by following the link… when you log in, you will see a message saying the changes will be made later this year but the link takes you to the settings where you can opt out. I’m not describing it well but you will see what I mean when you log in.
  • TunnelBear Completes Industry-First Consumer VPN Public Security Audit – TunnelBear
  • Be careful out there! To Avoid Antivirus, Criminals Are Now Using PowerPoint Files to Drop Malware – WCCFTech
  • Honolulu passes law to prevent using mobile phone while crossing the road – The Independent
  • You can’t even walk and text…
  • Dougee: Can’t believe it myself but looks interesting – iPhone in Canada
  • Scottaw: To Win The AI Assistant Wars, Apple Is Melding Siri With Its Other Services – Fast Company)
  • This is everything Google knows about you, and how to switch it off – Birmingham Mail

Nemo’s Hardware Store (39:16)

  • Udoq Mobile Device Docking Station US / EU / Asia

This is difficult to describe – you really do need to look at the site and their little embedded videos to make sense of how it works. It is perhaps a little pricey but it is really clever and very well put together… You can also design your own setup with a selection of Micro USB, Lightning, 30 Pin and USB C cables. Also of course as cables can be changed your setup isn’t fixed forever… got no more 30 Pin devices? Buy some new cables…

Cutie Melon Moment (1:04:09)

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