There is no more news on the Apple TV but that hasnt stopped CBS CEO dropping the Apple streaming service into conversation on monday during an edition of CNN Money.

In a chat to CNN money Les Moonves has stated that Apple’s TV streaming service has gone quiet, at least around his camp.

The CBS CEO told CNN money we had conversations a while back and we haven’t had recent conversations with them. This basically indicates zero change Moonves last spoke publicly on the issue.

It was back in December that the head of the Tiffany network said that Apple had pressed the hold button on streaming plans. That was said to be due to Apple’s inability to get the kind of skinny bundles of progra mming it wants to offer subscribers.

When asked if one day if we might get a streaming TV service from the Cupertino giant, Moonves simply said.

you’ll have to ask Apple that I don’t know.

and with, that please stand by

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