Music makes us work out harder and endure that work out longer so obviously your workout headphones are an important purchase.

Things considered in this roundup have been sound quality, Comfort and Fit, Durability, compatibility, Price and any extras all of which have been used to compile this list.

Best Overall Wired Headphones

Bose SportSound Best Overall Wired Headphones Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)
Bose SportSound Best Overall Wired Headphones

Bose wins this with their Sound Sports. Sweat resistant, crazy comfortable and semi in ear so you can still hear the ambient noise around you a lot of runners really like that. There are models for iOS devices and Samsung devices so compatibility is catered for nicely.

The sound quality we know what to expect from Bose is really good. The fit is secure their not going to fallout even with a vigorous run over uneven terrain.

If you’re looking for wired headphones you really can’t get any better than the sound sports from Bose and the price is actually pretty affordable and I’ve seen some really good deals on them

Best Wireless Workout Headphones

Monster iSport Super Slim Best Wireless Headphones Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)
Monster iSport Super Slim – Best Wireless Headphones

A close run contest this one leaving me unable to choose between the so so I stuck them both onto the list. Perhaps the best of the two in terms of fit and comfort are the Monster iSport Super Slims.

They’re extremely comfortable, have an adjustable fit,  pretty good compatibility with android and iOS, they use Bluetooth and have battery life of around six hours.

Jaybird X2’s on the other hand are really hard to beat considering sound quality Bluetooth connection and battery life. They have almost certainly the best sound quality of any wireless headphones that I’ve used.

The Bluetooth connection is impressively stable and the battery life is crazy is right around eight hours on a single charge which is at the higher end for any wireless headphones. Like the superslim’s these are sweat proof and have good compatibility super customizable with three different European sizes and six different ear tips including foam

For me it’s hard to choose between the Jaybirds or the Monsters so I had to just include them both.

Best Over Ear Headphones

Monster iSport Freedom Best Over Ear Headphones Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)
Monster iSport Freedom – Best Over Ear Headphones

Monster iSport Freedom but you can deftly make a strong case for the Soul Combat pluses and some beats product as well.

The monsters eventually won over because they are really rugged and fit nicely. They didn’t bounce too much even when I was running and there’s a lot to be said about the quality of materials used for the Monsters

They have an optional cable that you can plug-in if you want to and then compatibility is pretty good. The freedoms were actually hugely sought after for a long time and I’ve only been able to find them in limited supplies.

Best For Running Headphones

Sony Smart B Trainer Best For Running Headphones Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)
Sony Smart B Trainer – Best For Running Headphones

This award goes to the Sony Smart B Trainer. Not only are these super comfortable despite looking bigger than they actually are, these wireless headphones offer three crazy things to measure your workout.

Optical heart rate sensor built-in
so they measure your heart rate continuously through your ears and super accurate.

16 GB of internal storage for music
So anytime you go running or have music on your headphones are ready you don’t even need to bring your phone with you if you don’t want to of course you can still stream the music from your phone via Bluetooth to the headphones if you want to go that route as well.

Built-in GPS
So when you’re going running again leave your phone behind you got your music and your GPS in one spot which is awesome. The one thing though is that they are pricey so if you don’t want to pay up for the Sony Smart B Trainer I’d say just go simple get like the Plantronics Backbeat Fits which are pretty good headphones especially if you consider what they cost.

A bonus pick for the cyclists out there.

Best Headphones for Cycling

Aftershokz Bluez 2 Best For Cycling Headphones Top 5 Best Workout Headphones (Early 2016)
Aftershokz Bluez 2 – Best For Cycling Headphones

The Aftershokz Bluez 2s are in my opinion the way to go if you’re cycling a lot because they don’t actually cover your ear or go in your ear they sit in front of your ear.

They conduct the sound of your cheekbone and it’s actually impressive technology and given that they sit in front your ear they actually slice the wind noise so the sound you hear is very clear plus you hear surprisingly little wind noise. Just some food for thought but as always RIDE SAFE!

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Hope you found this article helpful when looking for the best running headphones. It took a long time to compile this list through testing and using out on my daily run as I’d love to hear your opinion.

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