Last week it was widely reported that the new Apple TV was available for pre order from Eurpoean sources with shipping starting on 5th November. That’s all changed today as Apple boss Tim Cook confirmed that the fourth-generation streaming box will go on sale on October 26, with orders due to ship out by the end of next week.

Cook revealed the release date during the WSJD Live conference, where he hailed Apple’s new box of tricks as “the foundation of the future of TV”.

The new Apple TV comes with full Siri support, deep search functionality, on-board storage, and a dedicated app store filled with the latest software and games.

Running off a powerful A8 chipset, the set-top box features a reworked remote control, with a touchpad, voice controls and motion sensors included.

The new Apple TV will set you back $149 (around £96) for a 32GB model and $199 (around £129) for a 64GB version.

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