This isn’t antenna gate, this isn’t maps gate, or even Stargate.  It’s a problem with some laptops.  Apple has issued an internal notice about a new quality program that addresses antireflective coating issues on MacBook and MacBook Pro models with retina displays.

As confirmed by multiple sources these issues include the antireflective coating on displays wearing off and delaminating under certain circumstances.

Judging from images posted on the internet this doesn’t look like a problem for which one has to go hunting, squinting or checking serial numbers for, like looking like for a light leak around the edge of the display on the iPad.

In this case it seems to be a combo of Apple error and user error according to report.  The antireflective coating wearing off or delaminating has resulted from various circumstances including the pressure of the MacBook keyboard and trackpad on the display when closed and the use of incorrect third-party cleaning solutions with microfiber cloths.  The issue often affects small areas of the screen but sometimes encompasses the entire display.

The sanctioned Apple solution apparently it’s to replace the displays on affected machines.  Apple will replace retina displays on MacBooks and MacBook Pros hit with the issue.

Apple is doing this for free within three years from the date of original purchase or one year from October 16, 2015 whichever is longer.

Apple may also refund money through AppleCare support to people who already paid to have the issue fixed according but this has yet to be confirmed by Apple.

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