Finally the WWE network will be launching for UK and Ireland viewers starting January 19th.  This will be the third time we’ve been promised the launch of the on line, on demand WWE network so here’s keeping those fingers crossed.

It’s an interesting prospect of being able to get all of the WWE programming, from ECW, WCW and much more along with all pay per views for just £9.99 a month so it makes you wonder if what CM Punk Said In his Podcast that pay per view figures were falling rapidly enough for Vince  to launch his own network.

 “This Time We Really Mean It”  WWE Network Launching UK And Ireland Jan 19th

Pay per views represented a huge bonus in the lives of the WWE superstars so whats going to happen so that those stars are renumerated properly?

WWE signed a five-year deal with Sky through to 2019 giving Sky exclusivity to broadcast WWE’s flagship shows in the UK and Ireland through to 2019.

With the average PPV hitting £15 in the Uk for sky one wonders what sort of deal was reached for Sky to agree to this.

Anyways the Royal Rumble will be with us and the ultimate Yes Man, Brian Daniels, is rumoured to be making a comeback so that’s going to be worth £9.99 in itself.

But if you want some real entertainment in the world of wrestling, go check out ECW One Night stand, grab a beer and watch one of the best PPV’s ever!

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