Head over to the website benjaminmayo.co.uk a collection of the Apple TV Aerial Video Screensavers.  These really are stunning.  The current set of videos in the list include imagery from China, San Francisco, Hawaii, New York City and London.

The new Apple TV includes several choices of screensaver, including Aerial, an exclusive set of slow-moving HD video of various landmarks and places in the world. What’s most interesting is that the displayed video actually changes over time, as the Apple TV downloads new videos periodically from an online location.

With the news breaking today from Tim Cook that Apple TV’s will be available to order from October 29th  more leaks are going to be coming out about how well the new Apple TV will perform.

The newest incarnation of the Apple TV has been released.  Screen savers can be downloaded to the Apple TV on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and come in around 600mb for the stunning high res screen savers.

For what it’s worth if you are thinking of getting a new Apple TV please don’t purchase a HDMI cable from Apple for their extortionate pricing.


if you feel the need for some controller based gaming action then you may want to check out these 2 steel series gaming controllers for the Apple tv.


The Apple TV was in need of a major overhaul since the version 3 of the once hobby gadget.  In the latest incarnation there are a huge amount of improvements but there is one slight downfall. Apple has placed their own fate in the hands of developers.

This could be seen as a logical step as developers can create awesome apps but only if they are potentially shown the way. As an example look a Pages for Mac and iOS. Wheres the killer feature to turn people away from Google Docs to using the iCloud based alternative. You have to hope that Apple isn’t that arrogant to rely on the new adopters to take up their offerings than giving an incentive to move.

Apple TV v4 represents the platforms biggest chance to succeed but also the biggest potential failure. Look at Amazon and their offerings. Slashing the prices of Amazon fire, Fire TV hasn’t really improved the depth and breadth of apps for that platform, despite just how willing Amazon are to get those devices into as many punters hands as possible.

Anyways right now the Apple set top box coupled with Plex TV has taken over the all important HDMI 1 slot. Im lucky that CEC works and as I finish this post I can press the button on the remote to wake up the sleeping giant, who’s command changes my TV to the right input and lets me crack on with some netflix watching.


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