Dragon Dictate 5 has been a part of my workflow since it’s release.  Granted there’s a few features missing from it’s windows counterpart, transcription still needs working on but none the less it’s an improvement over 4.  5.0.2 brings fuller El-Cap compatibility and the correction choices window is now properly displayed.

Dragon fror Mac 5.0.2, Build 13623

This update addresses the following:

  • Resolves issues affecting commands for customers who have upgraded from Dragon Dictate for Mac, version 4
  • It includes fixes previously released in Dragon for Mac 5.0.1:
  • Compatibility with OS X El Capitan
  • Overlapping text in the Status Window
  • Displaying an incomplete list of correction choices
  • Correction appears blank or flashes choices quickly
  • Internal errors when creating or upgrading a profile
  • Commands are read-only for Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore profiles
  • Issues using bullet lists
  • Readability of text in the Info area of the Status Window
  • Stability improvements switching between Transcription and Dictation
  • Issues with keyboard shortcuts

You can enjoy a 14 day free trial with DragonDictate’s speech recognition feature simply by downloading it from the nuance websites. in even better news if you purchase DragonDictate five you will enjoy a 30 day risk-free money back guarantee.

If you have tried or been a previous user of DragonDictate why not leave a comment below?

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