iTunes radio has officially gone dark. Apple announced earlier this month and now the time has come. However you can still listen to internet radio stations within iTunes.

iTunes streaming Internet stations are still available but now require an Apple music subscription. Beats One Apple’s stab at a worldwide live radio station is still free with no Apple music subscription required.

If you’re into iTunes radio but not Apple music the move does stink that said there are still options out there if you’re a desktop type.

iTunes Radio Is No More iTunes Radio Is No More BUT You Can Still Listen To Radio in iTunes

Internet radio options in iTunes may be hidden under the three dots next to the music and video and podcasts icon in the upper left corner of the iTunes desktop client.

There are literally hundreds of options there from terrestrial stations to live 365 type offerings. Going the mobile route there are many ad supported options including the iHeart radio app, Radium, TuneIn there’s the free tier on Spotify I which I think include the Pandora like radio service.  Of course there’s still Pandora and others out there.

It stinks that Apple killed what it killed the viewer into it but there are options.

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