No two ways about it Rouge Amoeba make some really awesome apps. Audio Hijack is awesome, it’s a wonderful application that lets you record any audio and you can save audio from applications like iTunes.

You can play audio / video Safari and save that audio to a file or you can mix it with any kinds of hardware devices, with other microphones or mixers.

Pretty much anything that you ever could want to do recording apps, recording devices, have a sounboard play thought to skype when podcasting, you can really Audio Hijack to simplify everything.

You can have multiple people, you can merge them into one, you can use it for streaming, the list goes on

Rouge Amoeba have just come out with a new application and here’s how they describe it, called loopback they call it “cable free audio routing for Mac” and here’s their description

Suddenly it’s easy to pass audio between applications on your Mac, create virtual audio devices to take the sound for applications and audio input devices then send it to audio processing applications.

It’s like you have kind of like a mixing board but it’s software so you can do all manner of cool things.

Lets say you have a soundboard or you want to play an audio snippet or something like that and you want all of the guests to hear it. You can combine your microphone with an audio source like iTunes with QuickTime player or something else and you can send that as the output that goes through Skype to all the other people that you’re talking to

You can use the for screen casting. Open up screen recorder in QuickTime grab not only the microphone sound but the audio of the application that your recording.

For those Twitch.TV types out there, now there’s an easy way to route both game and microphone audio through to Open Source Broadcaster.

Garage band is only going to from a single audio device at one time. Logic Pro is limited that way too well now you can use loopback and combine multiple different devices into a virtual device.

It;s even got routing, signal chain capabilities, you can send things to NiceCast for streaming it’s really, really cool.

There’s a free download if you want to try it out. However it’s not cheap at $75it’s not cheap but this is the true sense of a power tool.

This is the kind of thing that regardless of what level broadcaster you really should take a look at Loop Back by Rouge Amoeba. There will be a full review soon, just when we stop figuring out all the cool things we can do with it.


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