PlayBox HD for iOS lets you stream tv shows and movies to your iOS device along with the ability to download them direct your your iOS device.  You can also stream them via airplay to your Apple Tv.  Morally ambiguous yes, does it work, yes but none the less incredibly handy.  Here’s how you can install PlayBox HD without the need to jailbreak your iPhone.

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PlayBox HD, like the MovieBox, is available via the vShare market and can be easily downloaded to an iPhone or iPad via the same method. First up you’ll need to install vShare market

vShare (App VV) lets you download free applications on your jailbroken device just like Installous used to do (before had been shut down by it’s owners). It’s a Chinese application and has pretty much all the applications you need.

How to Install vShare Market on iOS 9

  1. Launch Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Type
  3. Once page is loaded, you will see a button that reads “Download (Unjailbroken)”.
  4. Click on that to install vShare for iOS 9.

So thats the first part done but theres a few things you have to be aware here.  You’re going to be installing apps which use enterprise certificates and you have no idea who, or where they are being issued from.  Basically this means you’re trusting some company, somewhere to install apps onto your phone which haven’t gone through the Apple App store vetting process.

iOS for the main part remains virus and malware free however if you have the slightest doubt about  installing software from a foreign source don’t, or at the VERY LEAST, make a backup.

How To Install PlayBox HD For iOS Without JailBreaking

This is the easy bit. Search for the app and click install.  You will be asked to install certificates from a different source to allow installation.  Click on and then that’s it.  Free movies, tv shows and the rest of it available on your iOS device.  Just remember to keep your phone on wifi whilst using unless you have unlimited data.

There’s also a handy FAQ just in case you try streaming but get the dreaded black screen when trying to stream a movie.  Simply change your wifi DNS to if your iSP allows it.  The DNS change means you use googles service instead of your ISP which is probably going to block popular torrent sites which PlayBox uses.

Find out more and check out the FAQ over at


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