For some people IT is a task and not a career, bushel lets anyone easily manage Apple devices in a workplace. iPhones, iPads, iPod touches even Macs. Bushel lets you easily set up and protect Apple devices that you distribute to your team or even devices your team already has.

it’s a cloud-based mobile device management or MDM system. With Bushel managing your workplaces devices you can easily provide and manage access to company email accounts, employees don’t even need to manually configure anything to access the company email, which of course is a for any companies IT department.

You can also install work asked to every device all at once and you can separate and protect your team’s personal data and personal apps from their work data. If a device is ever lost or stolen you can remotely lock it or completely wipe all company data very easily using bushel.

In a feature called device inventories lets you see your capacity, which user using which device, what apps you’ve installed and which devices and more.  You can configure company-owned devices through bushel without having to physically touch the devices before users even get them.

With bushel you can do all this and much more yourself without an IT department. It’s all integrated into one seamless, fully responsive interface so you can manager your companies Apple devices wherever you want, wherever you on both iOS and Mac’s.

Bushel makes the complex simple so you can focus on what matters.

Your first three devices a free forever and each additional device is just two dollars per month with no contract and no commitments learn more at

Celebrate with one month of free device management with Bushel

Bushel Cyber Monday Offer just enter the code cyber2015 into your Bushel account by 11:59 p.m. CST on Friday, December 4th.

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