Ahh Speedball 2 on the Amiga, those were the days(tm) when gaming was simple and now thinking about it, isn’t it a touch ironic that gamplay has gone from the bazillion controller combinations over the years, back to simple iOS play controls.

speedball2 AOTD : Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone

Anyway’s Speedball 2 on the Amiga was ace.   No other word for it.  Simple gameplay along with the sampled “Ice Cream” made it another instant Bitmap Brothers Classic.  So when I heard that it was coming back in the form of an iOS device, I closed my eyes very tightly and prayed very, VERY hard, hoping that this wouldnt be a hash up.  The news is good and I’m happy to report this is a great conversion.

Never played Speedball2 before?  Easy.  Score as many points as you can.  Acheieved in the same style as football, aim for the net, go for a 2 bounce bumper, hit the multiplyer then score or, knock the living crap out of your team.  Sounds easy right?

speedball2 ko AOTD : Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone
Moma said knock you out…etc etc

All the classic loading screens are here alongside some nice sprite enhancements on the pitch just making them that little more fluid and playable.

On pitch control is one of two methods, an on screen controller or a extremely playable tilt the device method, both of which work beyond expectations and one area that I thought the gameplay would suffer.  8 hours racked up in the name of testing goes to show this.

According to the developers the on play pitch UI has been tweaked BUT the original AI for buying and selling players remains intact, meaning if you head along to the BitMap Brothers Website, the general advice on who to upgrade and purchase first still applies.

speedball2 gym AOTD : Speedball 2 Evolution for iPhone
Gym and Training Selection

For pick up and play gaming, Speedball2 is hard to beat, retaining all the charms of the original alongside a bit of spit and polish.  Highly recommended.

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