Given the weekends announcement that Marco Arment, the developer of Peace and other great apps, decided to pull his offering, this podcast is strangely on topic for once. It was my great pleasure to interview Dean Murphy of Crystal ( We cover many topics, so much so that it’s a 2 parter edition of the Rampant Mumblings.

We talk about all things apple before moving on to his first bout of fame with those articles showing just how much data, 53% in some cases, is used to track you rather than displaying any relevant content.

Then it’s on to developing, how long did the idea go from watching a slide at WWDC to internal testing to public beta testing.

We also discuss why there is no Crystal Ad blocking for iPhone 5 devices even though it’s perfectly capable and much, MUCH more

All that plus a NEW segment for the show “Nemo’s Hardware store” writer John Nemo reviews his latest new shiny the Twelve South BassJump 2.0 USB Subwoofer for MacBook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Pro with Retina Interview With Crystal Developer Dean Murphy. The State Of Adblocking, Inspirations and Life Change.  Part 1

Crystal – Block Ads, Browse Faster. 79p / 99c from the iOS app store for both iPhone and iPad. iOS 9 and iPhone / iPad with 64bit cpu required.

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