Google Docs set the web abuzz with it’s free storage offerings and online editing facilities, allowing several users can make changes and collaborate at the same time.  Rocket Docs improves on your Google Drive and Docs experience by keeping things together in it’s own application pane.

This might sound odd, dedicating yourself to making google docs into an app window that nestles down on the menu bar, why not just keep another browser window open? Well if you are anything like me it becomes all to easy to hammer cmd + w to close multiple windows, so at the very least Rocket Docs helps with that.

Also there something to be said for just diving into the Google experience. Going into a browser, navigating to Google docs or drive, downloading a file etc etc is a pain.  Something that RocketDocs from Tricky Duck looks to make easier. Ok so this might not sound like an essential app but after a while you do appreciate just how handy this can be.

RocketDocs – A Google Drive & Docs Client  for just £2.99 / $4.99 and rather than access your google stuff via a web browser it places them all within in app.  So rather than upload / download those files you simply fire up RocketDocs, edit within the app and that’s it.  All cleverly and nicely done without the benefit of taking up browser space and tabs.

RocketDocs NoteBook 600x375 RocketDocs App : A Google Drive & Docs Client

Also supported are Mac / Lion features built in/  drag and drop, inline editing, multi touch and full-screen mode.  Nestled up within the Mac’s menu bar, RocketDocs waits for your prodding where you get a list of your most recently changed files.

RocketDocs Menu Bar1 600x270 RocketDocs App : A Google Drive & Docs Client

Rocket Docs One Click Upload

Just the other day in the office I was discussing how many keyboard OS shortcuts I bothered to learn for the Mac than back in my pc days. So it’s nice to see that a simple press of CMD + O lets you push a file up for either Google Docs or Drive. Again a small neat touch that’s nothing overly spectacular but another handy addition.

RocketDocs Uploads 600x375 RocketDocs App : A Google Drive & Docs Client

Supported account types.

Those of you with home or individual accounts are good to go with Rocket Docs but those with Google Apps based accounts will be disappointed. For those who have waved goodbye to horrendous Microsoft licensing arrangements or small businesses or example, it’s a shame Rocket Docs cant help you

Of course there is no off line editing facility but Google doesn’t offer that but it does offer /Lion features including full-screen editing, multi-touch gestures, and drag-and-drop editing.


So here’s the choice, if you want to work on line, dive in and out of documents without worrying about synching issues then Rocketdocs is a no brainer. If you need the offline facility then there’s synching apps out there for you.  RocketDocs is developed Tricky Duck Ltd and with a cool name like that, how can you not want to visit their website.

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