Apple Pay is about the land a lot more locations reveals Jennifer Bailey VP of Apple pay.  Speaking at Re-codes code mobile conference on Thursday there she announced plans for the contactless payment solution to show up at Starbucks KFC and Chili’s.

According the report you can expect to see Apple Pay in a few pilot Starbucks outlets later this year with a larger rollout in 2016. Apple pay in KFC should start early next year while Chili’s is expected to implement a unique pay at the table mobile payment solution.

There also plans to add more loyalty programs to Apple pay which is more of a mere to thing more than an Apple Pay thing.

Also according to the report one of the issues of adding loyalty programs like these is that it often requires an upgrade to the point of sale terminal so the process will likely take some time still it’s time that will be spent by four or on behalf of Walgreens Coles Coca-Cola whole foods Panera bread and many more.

Don’t forget for those in the UK that Apple Pay can be used at ANY outlet where there’s a contactless terminal.  When using Apple Pay in an enabled store you’ll get a notification saying how much you’ve spent and where rather than a printed receipt at the time of checkout.

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