Depending on your view 2016 isn’t that far away or it’s far enough away. If you’re a Barclays bank customer wishing to use Apple Pay 2016 might seem like an eternity.

UK bank Barclays won’t have support until the 2nd quarter of 2016 according to a report passed to Apple Insider.

A personal and corporate banking advisor for Barclays told a complaining customer

we have signed up for Apple pay and will launch it very early in the new year we truly value your custom and hope you continue to bank with us particularly since we’re launching this shortly

Not to put a Smiths song in your head but how soon is soon.

Quoting Apple insider in July Berkeley suggested that support of Apple pay was imminent ultimately though it missed not only the UK launch of Apple pay that month but also an expanded rollout in mid-September but stick with them they really are going to get to it very soon.

You have to wonder if Barclays are holding off as the not long launch BPay might be getting some traction for those without Apple devices. Just goes to show banks can’t keep up with the times and there’s probably more profit in Apple Pay, given the huge user base over BPay.

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