Ahead of the purported 14th July launch for Apple pay in the Uk, customer of Santanders be began registering their cards for use with Apple Pay.

Acording to serveral internet sites, Santander customers have been able to successfully add their cards to Passbook for use with Apple Pay, making the cards available on both their iPhones and their Apple Watches.

Although this has now been classified as a hack.

Activating a Santander card with Apple Pay at this time requires U.K. users to set their region to U.S., add a card, and change their region back to U.K., at which point the card remains available in Passbook. It’s clearly a workaround, but a sign that banks are preparing to accept Apple Pay in the near future.

This has been a well known hack for some time but there is some truth to this. If you have an American credit card then you can already use Apple Pay in the Uk already.

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