Well it’s that time of year again, the back to school moment looms over us like the end of summer. Luckily our site sponsor this month, Proporta has it all covered with a discount code for their smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets accessories.

Read on for your 10% off code for back to school offers and 5% off everything else.  Oh and free delivery on a lot of stock items.

back to school newsletter EN 563x440 Proporta Discount Codes For Fantastic Back to School Offers

Get to the top of the class with these A* cases and must-have techy bits with 10% off. Just enter promotion code SCHOOL10 at the checkout on any of our Back to School accessories today!

Promotion code valid until 7/9/12

We Also bring you a brand new voucher code for September.

New Voucher Codes
Code – SCHOOL10
Promotion – 10% off, the Proporta Back To School Range

Expires – 07-09-2012

Code – UK5PRO
Promotion – 5% off
Starts – 01-09-2012
Expires – 30-09-2012


iPhone 4S Case – Doodle Pad

 Proporta Discount Codes For Fantastic Back to School Offers

If you can happily while away hours just doodling on a notepad then this is the ideal way to look after your Apple iPhone 4S, wherever you use it. Not only do you never need to take it out of the case to use the device, the Doodle Pad Hard Shell offers unbeatable protection against all forms of damage, and its custom made design means that it fits the Apple iPhone 4S like a glove. Featuring a funky doodle style design, this case is stylish and clever – much like the Apple iPhone 4S itself.

Was £14.95
Now £13.46 + FREE SHIPPING


Samsung Galaxy S3 Case – Pencils

 Proporta Discount Codes For Fantastic Back to School Offers

An innovative design incorporating the ends of colouring pencils results in a Samsung Galaxy S3 case that stands out in a crowd. Whether you’re an arty type or not, this Galaxy S III case will not let you down in its look or function.

Made from a super tough material, the scratches and knocks it faces will ensure your Samsung Galaxy S3 remains in tact and in pristine condition.

Was £14.95
Now £13.46 + FREE SHIPPING



iPad 3 Leather Protective Case with Notepad

 Proporta Discount Codes For Fantastic Back to School OffersThis leather iPad case for iPad 3 has been carefully designed and constructed using high quality black leather and also cleverly acts as a stand for optimum media viewing. This Apple iPad 3 case will provide you with exceptional protection against impact damage from knocks, scratches and bumps. We’ve even included a notepad for you to jot down notes or doodles for the ultimate in organisation.

Was £59.95
Now £53.95 + FREE SHIPPING



Proporta USB TurboCharger 7000 Emergency charger & External Battery Pack

 Proporta Discount Codes For Fantastic Back to School Offers

This ridiculously handy product acts as your emergency battery for your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, Kindle or just about anything that can be USB powered, allowing you to quickly recharge your device again and again. It even allows you to charge your iPhone / mobile phone and your iPad simultaneously. It features one Mini USB input port and two USB output ports.

Was £54.95
Now £49.46 + FREE SHIPPING


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