To say that technology is incredibly advanced these days is probably the understatement of the year. Thanks to handy electronics like smartphones and iPads, people are now able to work from just about any location they wish.

In fact, thanks to a wide variety of effective and easy-to-use apps, it’s now possible to run a small business from one of these devices. Gone are the days when being a business owner meant slaving over a desk inside a company office for hours at a time. With a little know-how, advanced technology, business apps, and several of the best business credit cards, it’s now quite easy to manage a business remotely.

In the News

Almost one-third of small business owners in America regularly use smartphones to help manage their companies to use, social media, and customer relationships.

Financial Management & Storing Files

To make financial management easier and more organized, the Dash Burst article suggests several apps, including QuickBooks, which allows users to handle a variety of financial tasks including creating estimates and invoices for clients. In addition, is a free app that helps small business owners easily track finances.

As for storing files, the article also suggests Box, a secure and scalable way to store information online, in order to manage and share it from any location. Dropbox is another efficient way to help manage a company’s documents and photos, and it can even sync everyone’s work across the web and the owner’s electronic devices.

Other Apps

Since networking is extremely important for the vast majority of business owners, the CamCard app helps keep business cards with important contact information organized and easily accessible. Business owners who often create PowerPoint presentations will find the SlideRocket app to be very useful; it allows users to access, present and collaborate presentations both on or offline, at any time.

For business owners that need to find a way to conduct phone calls or video conferences while they’re out of the office, Skype has made this incredibly easy to do. An article from lists the Skype iPad app as one that’ll help everyone stay connected. Asana Mobile, the article added, is a collaborative task management app that can be used on both the iPhone or the iPad. And the AwayFind iOS app helps company owners keep emails organized.

While the relatively small size of the smartphone and the iPad screen might not be as ideal as a typical computer with a huge monitor, these technologically advanced devices can definitely help business owners who are on the go. Whether the goal is to lower expenses, communicate more efficiently with clients or employees, or to make sure they’re still maintaining a professional image for business regardless of where they’re sitting, Smartphones and iPads offer a viable, smart and often enjoyable way for small business owners to run their companies.

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